suntyms lyf isn’t as str8 as it seems…

 I know I have delayed the third chapter way too much but I am afraid it is going to take longer since I am busy with a lot of things, mainly Common Wealth Games 2010 and my summer project. However, I am now ready to release the first promotional poster to my upcoming short film, ASL?. This film has been in my head for a long time now and will soon be taking shape. Since I am totally engrossed in delivering my commitments for CWG2010 and after that, I shall get on to the production of ASL?, I don’t see the next chapter coming out so soon even though it nearly ready. My apologies to all my readers.

Meanwhile, please have a look at the poster and give me your sincere comments. As my project progresses and things develop, I will keep my blog updated with it. So stay tuned and help me make this film a memorable one.

With warm regards,

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