A promise!!

You must be wondering what is so important about this photo? No don’t bother reading the board there is nothing wrong with it (apart from being pathetically designed and featuring an utterly stupid product). This is the spot where I and my best friend Abhishek used to have our extra class for physics. Mad or what? I am not serious!! We used to chat for at least one hour before leaving for our homes. We attended Panth sir’s physics classes in class 12th. The class used to end by 8pm or so. After that, it was our time!! We used to talk everything from movies to politics to cartoons to the latest gadgets and of course cars standing right below the pole (the green bushes used be there at that time also). Neither did we ever run out of topics to talk about nor did we ever lose enthusiasm to stand and talk for a minimum of forty minutes. When I look back today, that was how we began our rock solid friendship which today I see as something that has been with me in all my highs and lows, something I will never want to lose come what may come, I can’t afford to lose actually. He is one friend whom believed in me, who stood by me and who made me believe in myself when everyone else had left me. I always say “Nobody wants a loser!” but he never cared what I am.

Let me take you back in time, where my friendship with him began. It was early 2005. The darkest period of my life so far. All my dreams and misconceptions about this sweet looking perfect appearing world were shattered. I was shaken to a harsh reality called failure. In fact, that was the time when I developed this belief in me – No matter how good a human being you are, how obedient you are and all that, if you don’t perform well up to everyone’s expectations, nobody has anything to do with you. As far as you get good marks, you get selected in colleges, nobody gives a damn if you behave well or not, you are cheerful or not or anything for that matter. (Please watch the movie Accepted! My serious recommendation to everyone)

I used to study for hours, learning again and again and again…the same thing. But when I saw the question paper it looked like a plain white sheet with ink smudged on it. I couldn’t write anything. And as a result, i never got any marks. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. My mother went for parent teacher meetings and every time teachers had the same thing to tell her “Your son seems intelligent, he is even very obedient and polite but I just don’t know what is wrong with his marks, he does not write in exams “.

In my final exams of class 11th, I hardly got any marks. They gave me one more chance – a re-examination. Only six students including me had to appear for it. We were taken to a very rarely used physics lecture hall and a very lenient teacher was appointed. Everything was clear, they wanted us to pass. The teacher even got up and shouted, “I am going to have some tea”. He didn’t come back for next half an hour. By that time, the others had finished the paper…they had the books with them (I too had). My ego, my values or whatever crap it was, it didn’t allow me to copy from book. After much battle, I finally could overcome it. I reached for my book and BANG!! the door opened, the teacher was back. I withdrew my hands.

The results came and they were horrible. I already knew that though. I hardly knew any answer. That was the time my father really lost hope for me. And that was the time I cried. I cried for like hours. Soon came April and all my friends (including Abhishek) joined 12th while I was at home waiting for some miracle to happen that will allow me to join my friends. Abhishek was my only friend who was truly with me all this time. He used to come and meet me, talk to me, make me feel really good. The school authorities were not ready to promote me to 12th. We were literally begging for it but they were just not ready. I had forgotten what smiling was, what having fun was. Life had become colorless, gloomy and dark. I saw “Look, here is a loser!” expression on everyone’s face (or at least, my mind assumed it so).

With time, I mentally prepared myself to leave the hopes of joining my friends. I was ready to join my juniors. I had kept aside all my ego, there wasn’t any left be honest. My view towards my life had changed. I was much more practical, closer to reality. That was the time when something happened! The school authorities agreed to allow me to sit in class 12th on probation. They would analyze my perform after the first exams and would then decide if I should stay or leave the school. I of course agreed.

When I joined school, one of my friend came to me and showed me a question of chemistry. He asked me to solve it. Like hell I knew it. I told him, “Dude, I just joined today, I don’t know a shit about this”. He explained some rubbish to me and said, “Remember this, it is important from exam point of view”. I felt really hurt. It was an alarm to me, “Dude, so what if you have joined, you are still lagging behind. Speed up.” I decided, I have to really pull up now.

With that, on Abhishek’s recommendation I joined Panth sir’s physics and Rajesh Gupta sir’s chemistry classes. I got new friends, got a new life altogether and most important I had a way now that I could look forward to. My life had some meaning now. My head was clear and focused. I and Abhishek became amazingly good friends. We were in school the whole day, then we waited after school and talked for a long time. We were always the last ones to leave the premises. Then we met in evening in coaching. Monday, Wednesday and Friday was Panth sir’s classes and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday was Rajesh sir’s classes. Two different coaching classes, two different groups, lots of fun and learning. My life was on track again and I was happy about it.

My performance of course did not improve drastically but by the end of first pre-boards (that is December) I managed to pass with good marks in all the subjects on the report card. Then came boards. They went off well. Soon followed the results : English, Physics and Chemistry – 80, Computer – 90, Biology – 66. Everyone was happy, specially my father. Since then, everything has been great in my life so far. Whatever I did, I always succeeded be it academics or personal life (touch wood).

However, I still have those memories deep inside, as fresh, as clear as they can be. I consider that incident as the turning point of my life, the point of new beginning that made me what I am today. And out of all this, what comes even more important to me is Abhishek. This post is to thank him for always being there for me. I love you my friend. And I would never ever want to lose you. May you achieve everything that you aim for. Wish you all the best. And come what may come, I will always be on your side. That’s a promise!!

You can find his comments on my posts. To read his blog, click here.

9 thoughts on “A promise!!

  1. Hmm i am touched, startled at the same time, you remember everything bit by bit, every little detail, god bless you two. I went back to my life, i guess i dont and shant say anything about it here.
    Thanks buddy 🙂

  2. God bless you and your friend………… an inspiring post.

    well i saw ACCEPTED on your recommendation 6 months back… loved it.

    really enjoyed today’s post.

  3. thanks alor rashmi..

    and thanks alot bro…firstly for reading this post and secondly, for watching accepted on my recommendation…glad to know that you liked it

  4. I read it again today, twice, thrice even….the state i am in right now and also since past few days, i can so relate this feeling “feeling of a loser”. I dont know what to say, i can only hope for things to change, a better tommorow. I miss my friend too, i miss everything.

  5. this really gave me an exact idea what true friendship means…ur really lucky to have a great friend who stood by u at the time when u needed him…consider urself lucky that u have him….n as far as ur writing style is concerned its simply awesome…. kudos

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