One really jumbled up dream!!

Its Founder’s Day celebration time in Jaipuria School, Lucknow. I was in some kind of rehearsal when the principal, Mr. P. Arvindakshan came in the room and told us to get ready, we were on stage next. We all prepared ourselves and headed towards the stage which was a bit far from the place we were rehearsing.

As we were approaching the area, we saw many people with guns. Well, such functions in Jaipuria always had some important personality from politics as the guest. So security was of prime importance.

We all assembled on the backstage. Suddenly, we heard people screaming and panicking. Within no time there were people running all around, screaming. Then went on some gun shots and those people who had guns that time appeared firing in air.

Our group didn’t get time to run away and soon we were circled by the gang. I realized there were some girls too in the gang. One of the guys from our group named Ankit [Interestingly, Ankit is a guy who stays in my pg in Noida] ran towards the exit when a spectacled guy from the gang shot him. He was on the floor the very next moment bleeding badly.

I couldn’t stand this. I was filled with rage. In that rage I ran towards the spectacled guy and kicked him really hard taking his gun. He and the rest were totally taken aback. I pointed the gun at his head and asked him to move. The remaining group followed as I bargained my way towards exit.

As we were about to reach the exit, the guy resisted and as a reflex I fired a shot. Well, that was it, he fell on the ground with blood all around him. I was frozen. Never had I shot a human. Forget human, I hadn’t even shot a gun in air in my life so far and now I had a dead guy in front of me. CRAP!

My group ran away from the exit. By this sudden gesture of mine, the gang was really horrified. I turned to them in time noticing a lady pointing her gun at me. I was faster than her. I shot. After shooting, I was not sure if my shot actually hit her. But then I saw her freeze and then fall on the ground. I could see the shot had hit her on the chest. The gang ran to her. I dropped the gun and ran towards the exit.

Outside, there was panic and people were running around (I didn’t see any reason for that). Right in front of me, I saw Didi (Shweta didi).

“Didi, what are you doing here?”

“I was a guest here.”

I could see her really calm, relaxed as if nothing had happened and the panic around was just not visible to her.

“You know what happened here, right?”

“Yeah I know but are you ok?”

“Am I ok? My friend, who was hardly 16 was shot dead right in front of me, there is panic everywhere and you are asking me if I am ok?”

I decided not to tell her about my shooting spree.

“Get used to it baby! You are new in the show business. I have seen a lot of this stuff.”

I had no words. I was just standing there looking at her wondering WHAT THE F IS HAPPENING???

She walks towards a SUV (It was some big cool SUV, black colour) and I run towards her shouting, “Ok, take me along didi”. But she seemed totally deaf. She got into the SUV, followed by some more people who seemed other VIPs invited in the function and they sped out of the premises.

I just didn’t know what to do now. There was a dead boy. I killed two people and left the gun right there with my finger prints on it. I knew police must be on its way. I would be arrested. I had to escape.

I started walking swiftly towards the main gate. It was late evening now with hardly anything visible now. People were asking me all sorts of questions and I was walking past them indifferently. Some were asking me if I had seen their kid, others were asking me the way to exit. I wasn’t answering anything. I had only one thing on my mind, to get the hell out of that place.

Out of nowhere, Gauri ma’m came to me holding a big packet of chocolate cookies. [Now this doesn’t make sense, Gauri ma’m is my mentor at Amity. She can’t be present at Jaipuria School Founder’s Day].

“Where are the rest of you?”

“I don’t know ma’m”

“Ok here. Grab some and save the rest for your group. Find them and tell them to meet me.”

(Not so) Surprisingly, even she was extremely calm and happy. As if unaware of what was happening around her.

“Ok ma’m”

I took the packet from her. I personally didn’t know where to find the others [Excuse me? Who others? I mean I knew she was referring to the rest of the class but hey, were they all there too?]. I took out one cookie and grabbed a big bite. Wow! It was yummy. I finished it and reached for the next one. Hmmm…cookies are a boon during crisis. CRISIS? Oh yes! I had to run away. I resumed my exit while chewing some delicious crunchy chocolate cookies.

As I was about to exit the main gate, I saw police vans entering the premises with loud sirens. A fear again engulfed me. I was reminded of what all happened inside. I took another cookie and ate it fully in one go stuffing my mouth full.

Some one woke me up right there. Phew! Thanks a ton mom!

3 thoughts on “One really jumbled up dream!!

  1. sonu anand Reply

    Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you Idiot you almost scared me……
    what kind of dreams you get….

    not funny…..
    but ve to tell you, you are really imaginative…..signs of a good film maker


  2. shamling_tiwari Reply

    just one question , why on earh were U scared of police. i mean tech.speaking it was an act of self deffence…..nthig wud hv happened to u.

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