Mom’s are amazing…

I am writing after a long time. Been wanting to write so many things all this while but never got the time to do so. However, today I decided I must write.

I am a student of communication. Still studying Film Production which is indeed, a very sensitive form of mass communication. However, today even I failed to sort out a very small task which otherwise could’ve been done very smoothly. 
I got to know that Sankalp, my tiny 50gms bro is coming back from Lucknow. Overwhelmed by ideas of what all I can ask him to get from my home, I decided to get my black jacket (more of an over coat) and a half sleeve plain white t-shirt which I had forgotten to get with me this time. Mom happily agreed to send the items. Sankalp met my dad at a mid point and took the packet. On his way back home, my dad called me and demanded an explanation for asking for pointless clothes. I was utterly confused as why would a jacket be pointless in winters. But what he told me really made me realize the whole exercise has indeed become pointless. 
I asked my mom to give my black jacket (for all my readers, I have only one jacket in my entire house which is Black). She however decided to work this whole situation out of her gut feelings. She packed the following items and sent them across :
1. Black COAT – which apart from being out of fashion is so big for me now (losing kg of weight has its disadvantages). I had intentionally left it at home.
2. A half suede jacket – Me and my dad have identical jackets of this kind. This time, while coming from home, I picked dad’s jacket which fits me better than mine (read 1. for the reason of this). Now I will have two of same jackets out of which one I can’t wear.
3. A green jacket- which I had left at home because of its damaged inner lining. However, she failed to see the tear. It being over sized is not so much of problem as of now.
4. Two full sleeve t-shirts – which I never mentioned in the phone call. God knows what is coming my way now.
5. A pack of chikki and gajak – highly appreciated items but again not a part of the brief. 
As for why that undisputed black jacket never made its way to the packet, the reason is plain and simple – “I thought it’s dad’s jacket, why would you wear it?”. This took me to a flashback
Dad – “Son, you keep this jacket!”
Me – “But dad, its your favourite jacket? Why are you giving it to me?”
Dad – “I travel in air-conditioned car. I don’t need it. You have to travel outdoors, go on shoots in winters. It makes more sense for you. It one of the best jackets that can protect you in worst of colds.”
Me – ” Thank you so much dad!”
Now, to think of it, Mom was nowhere around when I and dad were exchanging these emotions. Can’t blame her now.
So, a poor chap is carrying a packet for me all the way from Lucknow not realizing that most of it is not of much use. 
Important point to note here is my dad called me and scolded me for asking for such useless clothes on his WAY BACK after delivering the packet to Sankalp. Interesting to think is, he knew the packet is useless before delivering it to Sankalp. He could’ve called and confirmed before giving it away. But dads are dads after all. 🙂
I will, however, not let this go all waste. Will try and get everything altered to fit.
When I got to know all this, it was too late. Upset I began chatting with Shruti. She told me another story. Please read 🙂

mum ne meko bola k unhone mere saare winter cloths naina k ghar rakhwa diye hain
i went all the way to meerut to get ALL my winter cloths from naina’s place


what i get there???
3 jackets…..
nd that is it
3 jackets
2 new
and one old which i wr at home
no sweaters
no inners

are our mom’s competing by any chance?
if they are…its not a very good game to play with their kids

do i have only 3 jackets 4 warm cloths????
i cant agree more

welcome to the club

i mean wat am i supposed to wr all winter long???

did u talk to ur mom


just 3 jakets
im too mad to do that
its soooooo damn cold hr
nd its going to b a lot worse
Thus, I thought I can share this with the world. Awaiting Sankalp’s visit to my flat with my packet. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Mom’s are amazing…

  1. aks Reply

    dude…main has has ke mar gaya…..dads like to tell you " I told you so." hence they won't call first…moms to phir moms hain kya karoge….paagalpan….chikki khaana…and you decided not to buy that jacket…hahahahaha

  2. vivek Reply

    aftraLL mom n dad ka pyar is the Unique one.. it has to b like daT.. :)..
    … himanshu bhaiya.. padh k achha laga

  3. kasturika Reply

    chup chap jo bheja hai us se kaam chalao…bakwas karne ki zarurat ni hai ..1 to aunty ne bheja hai us par bakwas 😛

  4. SANKALP RAJ Reply

    Hahahaha………this makes me go in the flashback jab mumma samaan nikalke mere bag mein rakh rahin thi….n i was looking at each jacket n sht….:D:D but one thing happened tat was good….maine gajak dekhi n i realised ki mummy ne mujhe to di hi nahi….n so i got one of those thngs that keep my tummy satisfied…..:D 😀 but really i didnt had ne problm to carry all of it…not bcz it was not heavy….but bcz it was urs bhaiya 🙂 🙂 Nrthng fr u….

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