Just another day with Abhishek!

This happened in my second year of graduation (2006) when Abhishek lived in Navi Mumbai to pursue Fashion Communication from NIFT. He used to stay in Kharghar.

Abhishek had moved to a new apartment and I was visiting it for the first time. He also had new roommates. Meeting him was something I always looked forward to. Though I did have certain obstacles in doing something that simple and straight forward as it may seem. A crying girlfriend and irregular schedules of both of us were the primary ones. I don’t want to describe the former factor in much detail here. But I am sure all the guys know how girlfriends react when you decide to visit your friend for a day or two who stays close enough to reach by local but still far enough to not be able to meet often. They find it extremely competitive to their position. And add the line “I would be back monday morning” to kill the last few remains of peace in your life. “So you will stay at his place the ENITRE weekend?”…anyways not the point of this post (though would love to cover it soon in another post).

I reach his apartment and the first person I meet is Mahesh followed by Abhishek Palit. “Cool guys” I thought. As we reached his room, he introduced me to Vishwajit aka Vishu. Lean and dark wheatish guy with very sharp features.

“Hi…Vishu” he extended his hand.

“Himanshu” I smiled back.

“Ahh…Himanshu…you know even I have a friend named Himanshu”

“ahmm…that’s interesting….” I replied unsure of what to say next.

Abhishek got lost in doing something while Vishu continued

“Do you play guitar?”

“Nope I don’t” I humbly replied still smiling.

“My friend Himanshu, he is an amazing guitar player”

“Do you sketch or paint?”

“Ahh…no..I don’t sketch” the smile reduced a little.

“My friend Himanshu is brilliant at sketching and painting”

“Do you dance?”

“No I don’t dance” I still tried to act neutral though it was getting a bit annoying now.

“My friend Himanshu has won so many awards for his dancing”

“Do you play football?” (I am stressing hard to remember the name and football is closest I can remember…may be something else but it was a sport)

“I am not a football player”

“My friend Himanshu…”

“is a state level football player” i finished his sentence…

“yes…how did you know that?”

“Not that hard to guess you see”

“And you know what? my friend Himanshu…”

“ENOUGH!” came snarled Abhishek. It seemed he was listening to all the conversation.

“Does your friend Himanshu know photography?”


“My friend Himanshu is a very good photographer”

“Does your friend Himanshu know Photoshop?”


“My friend Himanshu is expert in Photoshop and all of the designing software” (Today, Abhishek n other NIFTians have turned out to be such AWESOME graphic designers…now when I think of it, that statement doesn’t sound so strong…I am a graphic designer but Abhishek is the ‘master’ in Abobe Master Collection CS5 😀 )

“Does your friend Himanshu know video editing?”

“No…he doesn’t”

“My friend Himanshu does and he is frigging good at it”

“Does your friend Himanshu know web designing n programming?”

“he is an artist..he doesn’t do..”

“MY friend Himanshu was the best at programming in school and he could design flash web pages when most of us didn’t know how to open word. Also, he is very good with computers and gadgets. And there are a thousand more things he can do well…I can keep counting.”

He was serious. Very serious. Pissed off by what had happened. I nudged him to let it be but he continued

“The point here is, every person has got some talent or the other. Everyone is unique. STOP this FUCKING COMPARISON…else I am telling you…it won’t be good….”

Hell he was loud.

Vishu kept quiet. I had never seen Abhishek get so serious about something like this. In fact, he is a person whom I am scared of the most. Because he has this super annoying habit of picking on everything I say and I have to admit, he always manages to find stuff to make fun of me making my life miserable. One chuckle is enough to boil my blood twice in a second. However, if anybody else even tries to pick on me, he can’t tolerate it.

I was so amazed to have witnessed this kind of a conversation. I never thought Abhishek would be so proud of me for all those things he counted.

The environment cooled down soon. Everyone resumed normal conversations. Even Abhishek and Vishu were then talking normally as if nothing had happened. Though Vishu didn’t behave like that ever again. That incident left a deep mark in my memory.

Today when I think of that, I feel so awesome and lucky to have a friend like him. Just a random memory!

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  1. Parul Reply

    superb…it is important to have some genuine crazy people in life who r termed as
    "FRIEND" to know our odds n evens!!!

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