Chapter 1: The Escape

The huge red truck was speeding up. There was very less time. The road was about to end. We all looked at each other. We didn’t know if we would ever get out of this or not. I rushed to the driver of our bus.

“We have only one chance” he said and sped up to as much as he could.

I looked back and the truck was left behind. I looked in front and could now see the abrupt end of the road. Beyond was a raging ocean. My heart was pounding with horror.

We were eight of us in the bus. We all worked together in a leading software development firm.

The driver shouted. “All of you come to the exit door, you have very less time”. Everybody followed. I helped the two ladies to go in the front followed by four elders of my team. I chose to be at the end. This also allowed me to look back at the truck. It was too speeding up.

Suddenly, the driver kicked the brakes as hard as he could. The bus made a loud screeching sound and started turning left. All of us were thrown towards the windscreen. One of the ladies got hurt. The bus came to a halt very close to the edge.

“Get out everyone, FAST” screamed the driver. Everybody hurried out. The truck was now honking loudly and approaching like a beast. I was the last one. I looked at the driver who seemed to have no intentions to move out.

“Come on” I shouted at him.

“Go ahead kid, I will never make it out. Now RUN for your life will you?”

I didn’t know what to do. I kept looking him. Time was running out. I grabbed his hand and pulled him. Looking at my attempt he too began getting out but he had to cross the engine area and he was fat.

The truck was coming closer. We just had few seconds. He stood on the engine box and saw that the truck was about to hit. He immediately kicked me throwing me out of the door. I fell on the ground on my back.

The truck hit the bus with loud BANG! Within no time the bus fell off the cliff. I could hear the bus rolling down the rocks. After a few seconds the sound stopped and there was an eerie silence.

I had to run now. I got up. My back burnt with pain. The fall on the gravel had torn my back completely. I began running down the hill. There green thorny plants all over. But apart from that, the view was clear with no trees. It was evening and the city below was beginning to glitter.

I could see others running down. The last images of the driver was flashing in my mind. But there was nothing I could do. He was gone. I was running hard to chase the others but they were running too fast for me. I was injured.

I heard machine gun fire. There were bullets all around me. I ducked and jumped into a neaby bush. I sat down and carefully looked out. There were three guys standing near the truck. Two of them had machine guns. They stopped the firing for few minutes and then started walking down the hill following us.

I got up but not fully began to run. The plants were higher now and it was possible to hide in them. Night was now slowly enveloping the city. It was getting difficult to run owing to my bleeding back and bruised and cut arms and legs, thanks to the thorns. There were many rounds of random firings. None could reach me somehow. I was just running.

The bushes ended abruptly and it was open land with railway tracks in front of me. I could see a goods train at a distance. An idea occured to me. If I make it in time, I might cross over just in time and can get time to hide or run. I began running faster.

I was approaching the tracks. I looked back, the guys hadn’t yet emerged from the bushes.

Suddenly I head a blast. It was in the engine of the train. The ground below me shivered with the impact. The engine went ablaze with fire and got derailed. But the inertia of the train was still pushing it forward with blazing speed.

I realized it was now coming right at me and was much closer than I had thought. I had to escape. There was sudden firing behind me. The guys had finally emerged. I had to cross before them. But looking at the situation, it was difficult.

I ran but the train was much closer. I would never make it. I decided to use all my strength in one shot. I jumped forward. For a split second I thought I have made it. But my foot hit the train. Something cracked and I fell off on the big stones around the tracks with my head hitting the ground the first.

I rolled over and looked around. I could see the wheels. The engine had rammed into the bushes from here I had entered few minutes back. There was definitely no sign of the guys with guns.

I had trouble getting up. My forehead was bleeding profusely. I held it tightly with one hand. My left foot seemed to be broken. Not to forget the back which was now worse. I tried to get up but all in vain. I couldn’t.

But I had to. How could I be there? I had to run away from those guys who might just emerge any moment now. I gathered all my energy and got up. Once I was standing, the next challenge was to walk. The foot was definitely broken.

I was also afraid to shout out for help. I desperately looked around for any sign of a human but none. It was one deserted yard.

I tried to walk but toppled and fell down. This time the fall was too much. I gave up. A numbness surrounded me thereafter. The veiw slowly faded away from my vision. Sounds went away. I fainted…

To be continued…

11 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Escape

  1. sonu anand Reply

    himanshu bhai, u write abt voilent things real well…. i can't think abt the details u gave….

    honest comment for this post should be…

    WELL WRITTEN DUDE… next one please…

  2. anshika Reply

    honestly, you should go into script writing…i mean you write each and every detail so well…i will be curious to know the end of it.

  3. Rajat Reply

    Nice story waiting for the next pages and the other twists and turns which i'm sure you would be thinking off now.Still want to know how it all started and why were the guys after you.Well written and for sure i was able to conjure an image in my mind.

  4. raj Reply

    Good job..the story line was captivating wid just wat was required .."brief yet very descriptive".
    HANDS DOWN u deserve an applause for dis one.

  5. hunney Reply

    abey ise pura kar do din hai tere paass isse zada wait nae karr sakti main…
    n mujhe to pata hi nae tha k tujhe likhne b aata hai, u ryte so welll dude..
    kya detailing hai.. wowww
    lovd itt..
    bt ll kill u if u ll nt finish it soonn…

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