BSNL strikes back!

This incident didn’t happen with me. But a friend of mine recently narrated this incident to me and I couldn’t help writing about it here.
He bought a BSNL 3G sim card that BSNL people were not interested to activate. Its like they don’t want to do anything that spoils the reputation of BSNL. Fed up, poor fellow called up the BSNL help line (Really Pissed to Help!!).

“Namaskar, BSNL mein call karne ke liye dhanyavad, main blah blah aapki kis prakaar se sahayata kar sakta hun?”

“Ji main Aviral bol raha hun. Maine ek 3G sim liye tha ek hafte pehle par yeh abhi tak activate nahi hua hai…”

cutting in between and full of sarcarsm (the best shot he could give) the representative replies

“Aji haan!!”

Excuse me?? Do I look like the most digusted sick human left on this planet who is so bored of his life that he is calling BSNL call center to have some fun?? I would rather throw an egg at an electic fan and laugh.

“Huh? Main chu**** dikh raha hun jo tumse mazak karunga?? Arey main…..Bhaad mein jao!”

The best part! His sim got activated the next day. He used it for a couple of days and realizing the quality, usability and affordability of the host of wonderful services offered by one of India’s largest telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, he threw the sim in dust bin and bought a Vodafone number.

This reminds me, Anurag too once bought a BSNL number lured by its SMS card offers. He quickly composed a SMS about the sick services of Aircel and his new BSNL number and sent it to all his friends in Gurgaon. It started showing the balance getting deducted with each outgoing SMS. He instantly realized that the SMS card didn’t mention National SMS. He immediately switched off his phone, took out his SIM and without thinking even for a second popped it into his mouth and began chewing it brutally. He reached the dust bin and spat the deformed SIM. Ha! Can you beat this?

7 thoughts on “BSNL strikes back!

  1. IcyCoolDubey Reply

    Arey you remember that little giant book of insults?? there was an insult as "His idea of fun is to throw an egg on an electic fan".

  2. Abhishek Reply

    bsnl guys get paid buy govrnment even if they don make any profits,,, so cant expect anything more from them……I too experienced similar kinda situation for my net connection…..

  3. raj Reply

    Do u remember it all started wid ur BSNL mobile number (LKO wala)????


    Anyways… ur tale will definitely piss off some BSNL employees (if not force them to enhance their services).

    A decent and true depiction of wat BSNL is all about (Bhai Sahab Nahi Lena).

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