Finally my new home….

Blogging was so much fun…but when you work 9-6 everyday, it no more seems fun…it seems another half an hour of sitting infront of the computer which you are nowhere capable of. Anyways nothing so great happened in all these days. I have finally found my second home at TIS. I was missing office when it was my off. What makes it such a desirable place is the sweet people in there. They are so friendly and caring that you feel home while you are working on your desk. I did lots of party also in last couple of days, full on night outs, playing pool with bro, watching late night shows, moving around in the city for no reason are some of the excerpts. Today was a waste, kind of slept the whole day but couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a go. Thanks to my mobile which I so much felt like throwing off the window.

Adil called me today and was giving big senti dialogues that I don’t keep in touch. It was really sweet of him. So, Adil, because you read my blog, I am telling you I will keep in touch now and will meet you very soon.
I am still feeling sleepy so will go and sleep now. Tomorrow is diwali!

The craze is over….

Hey I know I am not blogging so regularly now but I am not well from last 3days so didn’t really feel like blogging. Anyways…the whole training procedure went off very well. Enjoyed it to the core. I got some new sweet friends. As the last task, we were asked to compare our company with an animal or human and present based on our understanding throughout the induction process. We after, much arguments and lots of my masti during our dicussions, decided to compare it with Bee and we actally drew a bee hive with bees and winnie the pooh as the customer highly satisfied. It went off very well and it meant we are NOW HITTING THE FLOOR. I am suffering from seasonal cold n fever, so my home activities only included coming back and falling on the bed.

Today however, I had lots of work to catch up with so I left home, went to bank, fought with my bank people. Then went to andheri to courier some docs. On my way Eva asked me to attend one TASI workshop at 05:30 in the evening. I checked and I really wasn’t doing anything so agreed. The workshop simply outstanding. I would have missed so much. It spoke of the importance of expression and acting as well as other cinematic elements to be present in an animation movie to make it worthy of appraise. The speaker( he did equal amount of actions as well), Paresh Parekh, is a master of his subject and every single move he makes, the word he speaks explain it. His concepts are really clear and he as this amazing presence of mind.

All in all, a good day. I am now with bro, just planning to relax and do some bakwaas….

see you guys soon….maybe with more enthu to write more interesting stuff…

Two beautiful days…

Yesterday was awesome. Had a beautiful time with bro. I sometimes wonder, how my day becomes so beautiful just because of 1 person. He helped me shop formals. And when he is in a good mood, life is really rocking around him. So it was loads of fun picking up shirts and trousers from shopper’s stop. Then I went to watch A wednesday with Eva. No words to explain how wonderful the movie is. All I would say is, if you’ve not watched, then its playing in all major cinemas this week, please go and watch it.

After movie, bro picked me up and we came to my home. He had to pick some stuff. He was supposed to leave for Delhi with didi. He left within 10mins but we had a great time on the way since there was lots of traffic( for once i am happy about it). However, I was upset as I was supposed to join work from the next day and he hadn’t wished me. Rinki bua wished me all the best, which I found really really sweet, Eva wished me which was again a really caring gesture. Then came a message starting with “Mere priya chhutanke…..” I don’t have words to express how happy I was…as if just reached cloud 9. All the nervousness evaporated instantly when my bro wished me all the very best and told me just to be myself. With that elated feeling i slept.
I got up 3 times during the night thinking I am late for work. Finally got up at 6. Got ready by 7. Waited like fools till 8 and then left. Our induction began and I realized I am the youngest in my batch. The whole induction procedure will go on till friday and monday we will hit the floor. The sessions were interesting and everyone from TIS really cooperative. I was friends with 3 other people who are also joining as content developer like me.
Was really pissed to know that there is no dresscode and anyone can wear anything in TIS unlike what I was told by my placement lady that there is a strict formal dresscode. I felt like killing the placement lady. I could have put that money to better use than buying lots of formals which i actually didn’t need right now.
The day was really good. And the company is awesome. All high tech and well organized, just like I always wanted. So I am really looking forward to having a great time at TATA Interactive Systems.

Filling the gap

I know there is a long gap between my last blog and today’s one but I was away from internet. Anyways, the birthday party for lavu was awesome. Had lots of fun and really enjoyed to the core. 

The next day, Saturday, 11th October, we watched Hello, yup the movie based on one night @ call centre by chetan bhagat. The movie is ok. Won’t recommend it to others but at the same time if they are going to watch, won’t stop them as well. All I woud say is, it could have been much better.
Satuday night me n bro played Burnout till morning 6, slept for 3-4 hours and then were wide awake then. Didn’t do anything fruitful during the day(Sunday 12th October). In the evening left for mohan bhaiya’s place where we watched lots of episodes of Comedy Circus, laughed like hell, had dinner and slept
Monday morning, at 6, me and bro got up suddenly, as if someone woke us up. We left mohan bhaiya’s place n reached home. I slept while he was fooling around in the house the entire day. Evening I came back to my home n here I am writing my blog. 
I know its a sad blog today but trust me didn’t have enough enthu to write a really cool blog…

Its party preparation time

This is a combined blog of 08th October and 09th October since I couldn’t blog on 8th.
8th was pre planned for me. It was lavu’s b’day and my only plan could have been reaching her asap. I got up at 12noon. I know its shocking but I am getting up late these days. I got ready and left for Landmark in Infinity mall, Andheri.

Reaching there I came to know that the mall is burnt badly. Two days back it had caught fire. Shocked to see such a sight ( I mean I had never seen a mall blooming with life burnt so badly with fire brigades around, police with walkie talkies and all….spooky stuff). I immediately caught a rick and reached Inorbit where I found what I was looking for, in Crossword. I bought two books of Akbar Birbal stories for her since she loves Akbar Birbal stories.

Reached home, wished her, gave her the gifts, saw her jumping with joy, played with her for an hour or so and time flew by. At night, she got some of her friends, cut the cake and had a very sweet little party. Didi left for her rehearsals and I accompanied her. Later, we were joined by bhaiya and Abhinav(didi’s friend). We had a blast all the night. We talked and talked and talked…and God knows how much we talked, pestered the people of Grand Sarovar hotel by checking out their rooms, conference hall, suite and terrace at 4 in the morning.

Reached home in the morning and the talking continued till 8. Bhaiya and Mausi left for Kala Chowki for mata’s darshan( refer to earlier blog for reference). Didi left for her shoot. I was left at home, slept for a while and now I am here writing my blog.

Today was kind of waste so far. But I have full plans to make proper use of it now. I am waiting for Abhinav so that we can leave to get things arranged for Lavu’s b’day party tomorrow. One round of invitation has already gone to everyone but the venue is changed now and we need to send across a new invitation for everyone. Lots of work to do man…catch ya later….

Meeting with 3 ladies…

I began my day with Photoshop 7. I know it sucks….but had to complete Amrita’s task. So spent nearly 4 hours completing it with valuable inputs regularly coming from Amri n Chinti. As soon as I was done with it, I moved out of my house.

First Lady
I called up Eva from home and asked if she could meet me coz I was anycase coming to town in the evening. She was already in the bus to home and above all, HAD BOUGHT THE TICKET! so no chance of getting down the bus and coming back to Churchgate station. However, caught by my dissappointed tone, she said she will move out from home sometime later. When I reached churchgate station, I called her up and nearly eascaped falling in front of a halting Virar Fast. The reason, EVA’S AUNT HER TO CALL ME HOME. I mean it had never happened. Her aunt, uncle and grandma are pretty conservative and traditional in this regard and do not entertain Eva meeting guys or being out of home late….typical ladki ke gharwale I tell you.
I tried to ask Eva if everything was ok and she kept on convincing me that everything is ok. I reached her home, had a nice chat with her aunt for around 30mins. I had never imagined it would be so comfortable talking to her. Finally, Eva decided that we should leave as she wanted to show me the sunset from there. We sat in a park nearby for around 45mins and talked to our heart’s content. 60% of it was rubbish that won’t make sense to anyone but us. Remaining 40% contains half of our laughter. Had a great time in short. I looked at the watch and seeing 7:30, we left immediately. 
Second Lady
On my way back from Eva’s place I thought I should go to Mahalaxmi temple. I am a regular visitor of Mahalaxmi temple and this Navratri I hadn’t been there. I got down at Mumbai Central, reached temple and though it was a little bit of rush, the management was awesome and I got a comfortable darshan. This is how I met the second lady.
Third Lady
I called up Chinti to tell her that I HAD BEEN TO EVA’S PLACE TODAY. She told me she is in office and will move out in next 15mins. I calculated and told her that we can meet. My calculations were correct. I met her at Andheri station and we had a long chat from Andheri to Goregaon where we got down and we sat on a bench and continued talking. Here we were discussing movies, a little bit of Eva and most of AnimationXpress. Finally she caught the next train and left.
It happens very rarely with me that I listen to my instinct. Normally my instinct will keep telling me something and I will ignore it until its too late to follow and all I can do is regret. Today, each time I followed my instinct and ended with a beautiful day. 
As soon as I reached home, I began blogging for today. Man…this blogging is addiction. Now I think throughout the day as what all things I can blog. Since I am an addict, you all will keep hearing from me…
By the way this blog is for Tuesday, 07 October 2008. Got late to blog so the date changed

TATA Interactive Kidnap(ed) me

Again got up late. Had nothing to do so played Zeus for sometime. Then Amrita reminded me that i had to do some work for her so i began with that. Suddenly I got a call from TATA Interactive Systems that I am supposed to be there to collect my appointment letter. I reach their but the concerned person is busy and calls me again by 5. I reach home and continue Amrita’s work. I realize its 4:30 so I leave for TIS once again. 

On reaching I am again asked to wait for half an hour. Finally i get my appointment letter. I am supposed to join from 15th Oct. Today, when I entered the building I had such a different feeling than what I had the last time I had come. No goosebumps, no anxiety, no nervousness…only confidence that “Excuse me, I am here collect my appointment letter”.

I forgot to tell, on my way to TATA i get sheric’s message that she has bought tickets for 7:30 show Kidnap at Inorbit. By the time i reached home from TIS, it was already 06:30. I keep my appointment letter inside and leave for Inorbit. I beg Amrita to give the work later and she, like a sweetheart, agrees that i give it when i can and she will manage. I love her for that. 
Watching kidnap was fun, but as far as movie is concerned, its got too many loose ends and I too back the single star it got from various critics.  Today I have Bee movie to watch. I AM LEGEND is a seriously cool movie a bit abrupt ending that probably ruins the whole excitement of the movie.
So guys, take care…See ya very soon…

Chinti’s Owner

I was so dam’n lazy today…still managed to get up by 12. Called up chinti and she had plans to go to Mahalaxmi, firstly to meet her owner…oops…owner of her flat…and then go to Mahalaxmi temple(temple plan was of her mom, chinti and bhakti don’t ever go hand in hand). She told me to meet at Goregaon station by 3. I had to kill time so I began playing Zeus and didn’t realize how time passed until she called me to tell that she has left from her home. I got ready in 10mins and reached goregaon station as fast as i could( caught a rick instead of the usual bus and took a couple of shortcuts). Finally at station I see her alone, her mom dropped the idea of coming along fearing rush because its navaratri and so i realized the whole plan of going to temple is scrapped. We had a nice chat throughout the journey to Mahalaxmi. She always has lots go tell me about AnimationXpress and its events and of course really interesting people. She will kill me if I name anyone. 

On our way back we got down at andheri as she needed photos for her passport application so we went to a studio and got her photos clicked. I was really hungry so we ate at McDonalds discussing out bucket lists. We both want to go on world tour with our families and we both want to date supermodels. Anyways, after that, she quickly bought chappals from a stall nearby( those daily wear oshos) and we caught a train.
It was a good timepass meeting her. Now I have I AM LEGEND to watch tonight, Open Season was good. So cheers everyone, take care and bye.

Rocked the party

Didi b’day was awesome. We partied like crazy. First we went to Olive, cut a cake had some drinks(didi and I drink only soft drinks). Then we left for Taj Lands End where another big cake was waiting for her. Yummy star shaped fresh pinapple cake. By the way, bro wasn’t working but he is one big nautanki. All the evening he was acting as if he is not well and all. Then suddenly he appeared at the party in Olive out of nowhere to suprise didi. It was awesome. I am angry because I wasn’t part of the trick ;). At lands end we had dinner and the moved to bandstand where had chit chat, bitching and all sorts of talks. The police waale uncle came so we had to leave early. 

The actual party then began. We went to 5D to have tea and there it clicked to bhaiya that we all can go to Kala chowki(Lower Parel, where they used to stay in their childhood) and visit the Goddess as its navaratri. So we left instantly, had a beautiful time looking at Devi maa. Then we went to a small Sai baba’s temple nearby where my sis used to go when she was young. I couldn’t believe myself. I could feel the vibes. It seemed as if the statue was smiling brightly looking at us and his eyes were so realistic. It was a moving experience. 
Way back was not much of a party coz everybody was tired. Only me and bro were talking stupid stuff. At home, everybody went off to sleep but I and bhaiya didn’t feel sleepy so I made him watch Accepted, another really cool movie. Finally 09:30AM we slept.
12 I get a call from Eva that she wants ‘Crash’. I realized its saturday and Eva’s chhutti. So I got up, took a shower, dressed up and left for station. She met me at goregaon station and was adament on going home by bus. We wasted 30mins waiting for bus to move but had a nice time chatting so no regrets. At home we had lunch and I burnt Crash on a CD for her. She realize she is late so she left immediately. 
Awesome act
Eva, as usual, did something really great. She was out of cash and had decided to take small amount from to reach home. Now comes the killer part. She took an auto and when she reached halfway she realized that she only had THOUGHT abount it and NEVER told me about it. So the reality was she was without a penny in pocket. She called me and said ‘ I assumed you paid me. But i realized you didn’t. So please come down with some cash’. I ran down, gave her the cash and finally madam left.
I slept after that and just now got up. Still feeling lazy but blogging is something i realized i can’t miss. So far this is what has happened… take care…bbye.. I’ll be back soon

Just another boring day…

The day began in the usual boring manner….nothing exciting came my way….Abhishek reached lucknow….by afternoon however, things changed….I downloaded the games that I was addicted to when i was in school, Zeus Master of Olympus….and played it to my heart’s content….then the BigFlix delivery man rang the bell and ‘Open Season’ is what he has in his hand….so I am all set to watch it now. In the evening I am supposed to go to didi’s place….its her b’day tomorrow so it will be party at midnight tonight….bro will be working however…too bad i know…also, there are some kool things happening on the professional front which i choose to reveal when the time comes…..